I’m not Grouchy

                      No.                   Nah-ah.       Now we’re talking.   The can that keeps on giving.  That is truly the holiday spirit.  Ska Brewing and Oskar Blues do a number on the Rauchbier (smoked beer) with […]

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Saturday night and I needed to work on some writing. So I grabbed three cans out of my fridge.  Procrastination? Trying to generate positive energy? I’m not sure.  Take a look at these cans! The first few Blue Mountain beers I tried were on draft.  I didn’t like them.  I don’t remember what styles they […]

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Time spent in Maryland allowed me to visit a new shop.  After suggestions by my liver shirpa, I tried something new. I don’t like it. At $16.99, it should have sang “Gloria,” when I pulled the cork.  A cork, mind you, that I needed a pair of pliers to remove.  That did not make me […]

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Kind beer and some sawwwwz

  Hot Sauce to be exact. With this post I’m breaking my silence of the last few months.  I’m hoping for more posts, more often.  I’ve got a few monsters ready to post.  Big stories that will probably end up being multi-parters.  Lots of pics, charts, graphs, experts weighing in; lots of experimental data to […]

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No No Meatballs

It seems that all across the country, we had a mild winter.  Blame La Niña or Global Warming or the beginning of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse.  My favorite explanation for the unusually pleasant weather is that it’s a precursor to a zombie breakout.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.  Either way, get your survival plans on […]

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How I spent my new years

      Churchkey’s open bar, open kitchen, New Year’s Eve party.  2010/2011 NYE I was present like a gift-wrapped box under a tree and I had a blast, so when an email came from The Neighborhood Group, I jumped at the opportunity to return again.  The email said I could buy my ticket a week before they […]

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Good Cheer

On the last day of the year I wanted to share a happy memory.  Back in April, after a rare Virginia DC Brau event at Fireworks, (DC Brau has since expanded production and should be back in VA early 2012)  I wound the night down with a dude visiting the area for work. He dug […]

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Festive Us

What’s more fun than a Soul Train dance line?  An impromptu breakdancing circle?  Finding $20 on the street?  Going to pickup your tv at Best Buy that you bought online for instore pickup and finding out that they just gave it to some random by accident?  (Read: Screw you Best Buy)  NO!  Festivus at Rustico […]

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Day of the Dead

All Souls’ Day or Día de los Muertos is November 2nd. I decided today was the day to post this appropriately named beer from this Microbrasserie. Corps Mort vin d’orge des iles, tastes less like its name [-translation- Dead Body] and more like warm butter and brown sugar, like an apple compote.  It is named […]

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TapRoomTalk:Behind the Brewing

Ok, so here’s the story with the hundred or so postings from 5 years ago.  My buddy Andy got me to write for a beer blog called Tap Room Talk.  The ultimate goal, I would later find out, was to get beer sent to our ‘headquarters.’  Forget that it is illegal, improbable or just never […]

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