Cider in the City

There’s a lot, I mean A LOT going on in the District of Columbia tomorrow. The 4th of JULY!!! I’m not talking about tanks, flyovers or John Stamos.

Up Georgia Avenue, there is a delightful spot called Capital Cider House . What these fun people do, is feature ciders from surrounding states as well as their own productions.

Guess what!? They also have beer and mead!

In addition to bottles from our neighbors.

Like to eat food? ME TOO! How about a simply stellar cheese plate?

This all culminates in their Red, White & Booze Party
$49 for an open bar for 4 hours, including a huge selection of local craft cider, beer, wine and cocktails! There’s a dj, a selfie station and patriotic swag, but, aye-yi-yi! It goes from 9:30 to 1:30am! I have to work the next day. But this looks like an epic party of gargantuan proportions. The best cider party ever on Independence day. Period. No one in the history of Patriotic Cider Parties has ever had anything like this. (Did I Trump it up enough for satire’s sake?) Did i mention there’s a tank? (there isn’t)

Capitol Cider House
3930 Georgia Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20011

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