It’s Been A Long Time

“What happened?!!!” you say. “You haven’t posted it 2 YEARS!”  Well, let me tell you a little story about a horrible webhost called Bounceweb. That’s where I hosted this site. They proport to have some of their energy coming from windmills! I’d say it’s a lot of HOT AIR! Like the fabrication I received when […]

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Coffee Break

It’s just not the morning for me (or afternoon) without hot, black, strong espresso. What can I say. I like my coffee just like I like my women, Hot, Black and Strong.  Ok, not the case, but that is always a head turner.  I dilly dallied with drip, then french press with its rich fulfilling […]

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I could cry

As I’m transitioning from having cataloged my TapRoomTalk posts to posting new content (and finding my blog voice, ahem, ahem) there’s one topic that has my emotions welling up at my inner geek levy. In college, my understanding of the potential of the gray on green screen Palm, would forever be rocked by my friend […]

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