Koopa the Bull

The other day, outside of Rustico, I met Koopa. He is a bulldog with a mammoth head; part mastiff was the explanation there. I should have asked for an autograph.  Was it Cooper?  CoolBro?  Kewlbrah?  I had no idea.  Whether he was named after a situational comedy?hangin

An actor who has climbed up the ranks:  Bradley Cooper?54d5a6de52c7a_-_esq-bradley-cooper-cover-0611-lg

My buddy said that Koopa’s name is because his head is, “big and thick, like Udon noodle”2015-12-21 20.35.00

Pics I shot looked like an exorcism, but as it was explained to me, he doesn’t sit still for long.
2015-12-21 20.33.33
Not even the fraction of a second it takes to snap a pic?

I finally got a few statuesque portrait worthy shots in a row.  There was another dog coming down the street.  A little, fuzzy black poodle.

2015-12-21 20.35.48

Love connection? Appetizer? While there’s no ‘app for that’ to read his brain, I think I have a pretty good idea.


“Bonjour mon petit Poooodell”2015-12-21 20.35.45


I don’t get Koopa.  100px-KoopaTroopa_MP9I would have named him Bowser.  Bowser-e1432132174670-1940x1090

Maybe he was more of a Koopa as a puppy.

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