It’s Been A Long Time

“What happened?!!!” you say. “You haven’t posted it 2 YEARS!”  Well, let me tell you a little story about a horrible webhost called Bounceweb. That’s where I hosted this site. They proport to have some of their energy coming from windmills! I’d say it’s a lot of HOT AIR! Like the fabrication I received when my site *magic* pow wham DISSAPPEARED!!! Yup. My paid account was deleted and if that is not enough, when I produced proof of payment the ‘support’ stopped responding! How exciting! A challenge. I LOVE CHALLENGES!

Luckily there was a silver lining to all of this. One of the most fantastic things around; forget the wheel or English Muffins, is super fantastic. What they do for nuth’n is backup your WordPress site (phew!) AND and can re-constitute it like your favorite citrus drink.

But what about your url, your domain ‘’ ?  It was ‘free’ with your hosting. Does that mean you had control of it? NO! Not even in the least. That’s where the ‘paid’ part of UpDraft comes in.  I was able to pay a little fee; ‘thank you/keep programming’ amount which really felt like a “Keep Up The Good Work” guys!  For a few bucks I have peace of mind and was able to convert the domain.  The site is now  Honestly it’s the domain I always wanted.  If it wasn’t for UpDraft I would be up the creek.

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