Time spent in Maryland allowed me to visit a new shop.  After suggestions by my liver shirpa, I tried something new. I don’t like it.

At $16.99, it should have sang “Gloria,” when I pulled the cork.  A cork, mind you, that I needed a pair of pliers to remove.  That did not make me feel smooth.  (The women giggled and snickered.)  I love ale.  I love green peppercorns.  I love Belgian Trippels.  How the hell do I not like this beer?  It smelled inviting, but the first taste turned me off.  It was a taste of yeast and malt that was not complex as much as it was gratuitous and overdone.  I will admit that it was balanced and  concise in its flavor and mouthfeel.  Every sip brought a fuzziness and effervescent sensation in the front of my mouth.  From time to time I got sensations of childhood memories; tasting pancake batter or cookie dough.  A supple sweetness is consistent on the palate but doesn’t have any contrast.   Peppercorns were used you say?  Wait.  <checks the label>  it does say peppercorn (singular) hrrrmmmm.

I don’t get it.


HEY!  Do you like the flowery wallpaper in the background?  Umm, yeah.  Neither do the ladies.

Oh. and the song I was looking for was this one, G-L-OR-I-A.  I should have known when I heard the disco bass.

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  1. Perhaps a mini road trip to the source in Baltimore is needed. . . For purely objective & well rounded opinions to be properly

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