Good Cheer

On the last day of the year I wanted to share a happy memory.  Back in April, after a rare Virginia DC Brau event at Fireworks, (DC Brau has since expanded production and should be back in VA early 2012)  I wound the night down with a dude visiting the area for work.

He dug beer and had happened on the spot through word of mouth.  He was from Texas, spending a week in the area for his job.

Fireworks is a great find on its own, with a big, wood fired oven to the right of as many taps as windows on a school bus.  Brandon from DC Brau was on hand and all sorts of people were looking forward to trying the first packaged beer out of the District of Columbia in 57 years.  After a few hours, things slowed down and those of us still at the bar started talking about beers.  I mentioned an article in the Mid Atlantic Brewing News.  “You know, I read Sour flemmish ales are the new ipa.” “Really?” “People are ready for something different.” “Those styles can be thirst quenching.” Tart, funky, wine like, wild.  He began scouring the bottle list looking for a Cigar City/Bruery collaboration. “It’s here.  They have it!”  Marron Acidife’. Anticipation grew. “I had heard great things,” he told me, “But I’ve never tried it, well, I’ve rarely seen it.”


A special bottle between two strangers, sharing a special beer. It poured and poured and we just kept looking at each other nodding and smiling. “Damn this is good.” “Yup,” I replied.  We kept filling our glasses, sipping and grinning.

Sitting next to a really chill beer enthusiast visiting from out of town was a good time.   The bottle was great.  Without going into details, it was everything we had it hoped it would be and more.  In VA, we can get beers from The Bruery.  They are always well thought out, and different, but balanced and enjoyable.  The Mischief is probably my overall favorite.  Autumn Maple, was a staple of my 2011 fall.   I haven’t had any Cigar City brews (other than this collaboration), but I’ve heard nothing but great things about that Tampa Brewery!  Silly me, as a cigar importer, I thought it was just another ‘local color’ type of brewery, interesting in name only.  Not so when Cigar City has been receiving national recognition.  I hope I get to try some in 2012!

Sneaky son-of-a-gun Texan put it on his check when he left. I tracked him down and put something in the mail to say thanks. It’s one of my fond memories from the twenny double ones. That’s 2011.  My best to you and yours and may the brews keep getting better and better in 2012!

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