Craft is the Name of the Game

I was pretty excited to hear that Rustico was planning a craft beer dinner. It had been years since I attended beer dinners (2006-2007?) at their original Alexandria location. Those dinners were exciting and experimental. Like the frozen Lambic pops (which were deemed illegal) of the time, the chef would come out of the kitchen […]

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GBBM: Good Beer, Bad Movies

  I’m gonna let you in on something special.  I am breaking the silence on something underground.  All the kids are doing it, but no one speaks…about…  GBBM. The location is a secret. Sometimes at the Medialounge, other times at the Drunkatorium, Good Beers, Bad Movies is a meeting of the most secret order.  Moore’s […]

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The British Are Coming

and they are delicious. Last Sunday night I dropped into Churchkey, you know, to see what I could poke with a stick. When I heard that a British tap takeover was a few days earlier I was kinda bummed. What used to stand for hundreds of years of experience – delicious maltiness and refreshing bitters […]

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Kill all the Golfers

It’s June 16th. The US just defeated Ghana. I thought it might take a few hours for my heart to resume it’s normal pattern, so I need to get home………..where a new episode of 24 was on the air at 9pm. Bullocks. Ok, lemme just drink some water…and, hey. What’s that at the back of […]

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Willy the baby bulldog

  This little guy would not sit still.  He’s like a suede covered bag of polenta that wouldn’t stop with the cute and was teething on my shoes and hand and watch.  Prepare yourself if you have no natural defenses to the cute.  Willy came from Sugarplum Bulldogs in Purcellville.     From time to […]

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I know what you’re doing,

“I know what you’re doing, and I don’t want any part of it.” That is what I found myself thinking after a recent meeting with one of my vendors.  During the meeting, I was accused of not ‘selling’ their products. Google definition of ‘sell’ 1  give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.  “they […]

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Treasure Hunt

For some reason, ‘Save Draft’ deleted about 30min of writing.  G.F.Y. WordPress.  I give up (hits publish) I met my friend Nick at a wine shop in McLean in the late 1990’s.  Knowledgeable about wine as well as beer, he started a program accumulating specialty beers called ‘beer club.’  I would come into the shop […]

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Velvet paintings of dogs playing poker.  Stunning profiles of bulldogs enjoying cigars.  Whether a symbol of enjoying life or fanciful art, the Smoking Bulldog stands for life’s rich moments. ‘Winston Churchdog’ image by Jordan Miron

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I’m not Grouchy

                      No.                   Nah-ah.       Now we’re talking.   The can that keeps on giving.  That is truly the holiday spirit.  Ska Brewing and Oskar Blues do a number on the Rauchbier (smoked beer) with […]

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