GBBM: Good Beer, Bad Movies

ZARDOZ – or Sean Connery in a red speedo. Movie’s most memorable quote: “The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!”


I’m gonna let you in on something special.  I am breaking the silence on something underground.  All the kids are doing it, but no one speaks…about…  GBBM.

The location is a secret. Sometimes at the Medialounge, other times at the Drunkatorium, Good Beers, Bad Movies is a meeting of the most secret order.  Moore’s Law, move over.  CERN, take note.
When consumed independently, good beers or bad movies alone, are somewhat entertaining.  The real synergy is the coefficient of awesome acquired when you put the two together.  The idea is simple, but there are side effects.  If you drink good beers while watching bad movies you invoke Maslow’s Thereom of Top Entertainment.   Bad movies with good beers can produce headaches, burning eyes; some complained of rashes and all manifested a questioning of Hollywood.

In reverse, good movies with bad beers are the norm and there are no discernible effects other than Bruckheimer/Busch syndrome, otherwise known as listless wandering mall disease.  Reversal of this process is like crossing the streams.  Unknown variables can be exploited with outrageous outcomes.

ROBOT – Endhiran

Cinema Stank has the right idea.  I recently stumbled on the site after researching strange movies I had seen on over the air tv.  I’d like to thank local channels like Bounce, Grit and Escape for some great material.

Here’s how this works.  Bad dialogue.  Terrible cuts.  Wait, I know her.  How do I know her?  Watch the credits.  Look up IMDB>  Sean Young.  Dune? Blade RUNNER!!!  Independent research led me to identify LOVE CRIMES, which was on Escape.  Check this out.

wtf is going on here a.k.a. The Theme of the Movie
wtf is going on here a.k.a. The Theme of the Movie

According to Cinema Stank, “Love Crimes is such a ludicrous mess that it’s hard to believe it even exists.”  “Love Crimes represents a perfect storm of godawful.”  I am now able to draw in bad movies without even trying.  Simply the word bad movie has power.

Without a doubt, one of the best GBBM meetings was just before 12-2012.  It was the ‘bring out your best beer and worst moovies cuz the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world.’  I look forward to sharing that menu, as well as the origins of GBBM, soon.

Tonight, while writing this, I had the tv on in the background.  Michael Ironside, Val Kilmer in a bad wig and Cuba Gooding Jr. in a mooovie that, [if I can paraphrase Dennis Hooper from Flashback] Hardwired is gonna make 2000’s look like the 90’s.  Bad movies are like fat American asses.  They are everywhere.  This is very good news for GBBM.  Very good news, indeed.

Soon, I will share a list of the good beers…..I look forward to defining a bad movie and a BAD movie.  Until then…

Do you have any SUGGESTIONS? Submit them here.

Here are some future possibilities:
Lawnmower Man?
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace
V/H/S 2
The Horde
Ecks vs Sever
Steel (or any movie with Shaquile O’Neil)
Flinstones Viva Rock Vegas
Batman and Robin
The Conquester
The Wicker Man
Over the Top
Harry and the Hendersons
Masters of the Universe
Robocop 3
Super Mario Brothers
GI Bro

GBBM Record


We'll see ya soon.....ya dig?
We’ll see ya soon…..ya dig?


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