Kill all the Golfers

It’s June 16th. The US just defeated Ghana. I thought it might take a few hours for my heart to resume it’s normal pattern, so I need to get home………..where a new episode of 24 was on the air at 9pm. Bullocks. Ok, lemme just drink some water…and, hey. What’s that at the back of the fridge? An artistic tribute to Bill Murray in Caddyshack? I’ve seen the tributes to him on 5 dollar bills and his photobombs and extended visits with young couples in love. 2014-06-16 21.39.56

I remembered when I visited my apt at JMU in the summer.  I wasn’t taking classes, I was working at my warehouse.  But I returned so I could move some things around and get ready for the next year of classes.  At the beginning of the summer, some friends decided to make mead.   Price Club (now known as Costco) had everything you needed.  5lbs of honey, and bakers yeast.  Grab a water jug from an office and we were on our way.  Water, honey, yeast and hope.  Cap it and keep it under your bed.  Directions be damned.

When I came back to town in July, they told me it was ready.  They had bottled some and we sat together watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the movie.  At the crack of the bottle, you could tell that this was a honey mead.  But it smelled more like honey Mad Dog.  The drink had an interesting effect.  We all howled at the moon.  One of us took residence on the roof, to make sure the moon didn’t try anything crazy.  I rode a skateboard across town to visit ex girlfriend’s place, just in case she was there to rescind her earlier dejection.  Others caught the cross campus train to ride to new horizons.

Unlike the sweet victory tonight, this tart funky honey wine is like licking an envelope.  I wish the tea and lemon juice would have added character to the drink, but it should taste better than day old Arizona iced tea.

2014-06-16 21.39.50

VERDICT?  I want my money back.  Or at least a come on, give me a B.Nekatar, Evil Genius, that Mad Scientist cider with hops.

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