On tap was Old Smokey

April 24th, 2006 by Kevork

In a dirty poolhall, seemingly left for abandon, I spied a gem on tap. Through the smog of poolchalk dust and cigarette smoke, my eyes locked on to Stone Smoked Porter.

This is a delicious porter with an unceasing caramel head. It is not too sweet, a problem I find with almost all smoked porters. Completely pallatable, with a great aftertaste, S.S.P. is a bold beer that is completely pleasing. This beer was perfect company to an evening of flirting around the poolhall. It’s easy to forget that l’m drinking as I cruise the bar or relax in a comfy chair. A completely balanced chickory aroma and evenly rounded delicious taste make this porter #1 in my book. Not to sound to pretentious, but I marvel at the flavor and balance of this perfect porter.

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