A heavy hitter bitter

April 29th, 2006 by Andy

I haven’t had many English style Bitters, however, after drinking this mildly bitter ale, I feel a tinge of regret that I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying more of these fine beers. The Ridgeway Bitter from the Ridgeway Brewery is an incredibly good beer that bursts with a floral hoppy flavor that is highly reminiscent of the laudable Liberty Ale from Anchor Steam.

This Bitter poured with a light gold hue and gave off a wonderfully pleasant hoppy smell with a slight hint of malt. The smooth, crisp taste had an excellent balance of hops and malts, yet it wasn’t overly bitter as the name would suggest. This beer’s taste was highly pleasant with hints of grassy floralness and the finish was extremely subtle.

The Ridgeway Bitter is an excellent beer- if you’ve ever had the enjoyable experience of tasting Anchor Steam’s Liberty Ale, you’ll immediately notice a subtle similarity of balanced crispness. The next time I see a Ridgeway Bitter, I’ll plan on drinking it.

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