The Summit is beautiful

March 24th, 2006 by Andy

During a cold weekend stay in Minneapolis recently, I had the pleasure of imbibing a hometown favorite: The Summit Brewing Company’s Extra Pale Ale. Minneapolis was indeed a cold place (there was roughly ten feet of snow on the ground); however, this beer was definitely the warm spot of the weekend.

This incredibly smooth beer poured with a thick head and a darkish color that took me off guard as most pale ales are a lighter hue. The bronze-ish color, however, yielded an excellent beer with a hoppy smell balanced with a light malt essence. The taste was quite good and well balanced with hints of citrus. I found myself drinking this beer slowly to fully enjoy its not overly aggressive hoppy taste mixed with a subtle maltly background.

Bottom line- this is a spectacular beer from Minnesota that is fit for a snob. While the landscape in Minneapolis is flat, this is the one summit one can climb. And the view at the top is beautiful.

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