Look! A cute little gnome


March 2nd, 2007 by Kevork

Don’t fall for it. This gnome is evil I tell you, EVIL! Around the holiday I picked up Chouffe Houblon, a DOBBELIN IPA TRIPEL. In my fridge it sat, all the while methinks it a cute golden treat. Instead it is one of Satan’s devils waiting to strike me down.

This beer scorches with an acidic bite that burns the back of my throat. It pours with a comically exaggerated foam head. This should serve as a warning sign, like gathering clouds of doom. The head gushes upward like a jr high science class volcano of vinegar and baking soda. And the taste is not unlike.

The color of this evil poison is a murky yellow. If you look at just the right angle you can see the evil men do. A taste of this gross grog makes me grimace. It does have a nice head, but so does a chemical spill. Vulgar.

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