A question mark for this dark

February 25th, 2007 by Andy

The Hobgoblin Ale is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking beer labels around– in fact, that’s what caused me to consider picking up a few the other day. But, like a book, which cannot be judged by its cover, one should also judge a beer for its character only.

The Hobgoblin pours a nice dark brown color and reveals a wonderfully thick head that dissipated slowly over the course of a tasting. Its nose revealed sweet malts with an essence of dates, which had me quite excited to take a taste. Indeed, the ale’s taste was initially quite nice as there is an elegant hoppy bitterness; however, that’s about all there is. The finish is noticeably absent and aside from a nice hoppy mouth feel, there isn’t much more to this beer. Perhaps the combination of a slick label and wonderful nose had me quite excited for a bold taste, but there isn’t anything there.

The Hobgoblin makes for an excellent label and emparts a pleasant nose, however, its taste is rather bland and frankly, underwhelming. If you see one in a store, pick it up and take a look, but put it back and grab a case of Ridgeway Bitter for something with a distinctive character.

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