What a grand Highland

March 3rd, 2007 by Andy

There are few Porters I consider excellent– in fact, until this evening, there were only two such beers that this snob would consider as worthy: Breckenridge’s Vanilla and the Alaskan Smoked. I am here to tell you, ladies, gentlemen, and Beast drinkers that the Highland Brewery has brewed a doozy of an Oatmeal Porter!

The Oatmeal Porter poured a rich chocolaty color with a nice tan lacing that lapped the sides of my chalice during the entire drinking; the nose was a pleasant maltiness with slight coffee hints followed by a faint vanilla essence that begged me to imbibe. The taste is all Porter with an elegant background of subtle vanilla and malts, producing a pleasant taste much lighter than Breckenridge’s but nicely complemented by a crispy Oatmeal essence found in fine stouts. The finish was also crisp and playful, leaving me eager to take another sip (and another too).

Highland’s Porter aged a good six months in my cellar, which most likely calmed this fine beer and prepared it for my eventual drinking– indeed, I’m tempted to declare this fine beer as worthy of joining the likes of excellent Porters. The next time you’re offered an Oatmeal Porter from Highland, vociferously declare that this is a grand Highland and demand another three to wash the first down. Then thank me.

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