Do you do the Grand Cru?

March 12th, 2006 by Andy

Belgian beers offer a cornucopia of flavors that are distinctly different than their American counterparts. After becoming accustomed to the pleasantly hoppy taste of Pale Ales, one can find themselves imbibing a traditional Belgian beer wondering if it is even a beer at all. So it was for me as I sipped upon a Grand Cru from the Brasserie Des Rocs Brewery in Belgium.

This brownish colored brew with a 9.5% alcohol content poured without a head and revealed a complex fruity essence that complemented an intricate taste best distinguished as licorice. At first sip, the taste stuns you with its unusualness; however, much like a fine wine, this beer’s character improved over the course of its drinking. I found myself enjoying this interesting beer more and more as subtle maltiness changed to delicate hoppiness all along connected by an aged fruitiness taste.

All in all, the drinking experience is most aptly described as fascinating. This distinctive beer is worthy of a tasting if you can actually find the Grand Cru.

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