The Red Tail Prevails

March 10th, 2006 by Andy

The Mendocino Brewing Company is a favorite among beer snobs. They have a knack for consistently producing high quality beers. Without a surprise, they’ve prevailed, once again, with their outstanding Red Tail Ale.

This amber ale poured with a beautiful thick white, head that slooowly dissipated to one of those hang-on-to-the-sides of the glass heads, while all the while, a light bubbly essence produced a slightly malty smell. Upon first taste, my first thoughts were wow! followed by, what is it? The taste is amazingly balanced with neither a strong hoppy or strong malty taste- just an excellent equilibrium of spices that is highly inviting and clean. The finish produces hints of hoppiness that leaves you anticipating the next sip. This beer leaves you speechless due to its malty smoothness- it’s simple and clean, like beer should be.

Bottom line- this is an excellent beer! I’m thoroughly excited by this beer and look forward to many more opportunities to imbibe upon this wonderful ale.

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