Cuvee Diabolweak

March 14th, 2006 by Kevork

Cuvee Diabolique is brewed by De Proef Brouwerij Lochristi-Hijfte, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium. I bought it in a cork topped 750ml bottle. A fragrant nose of apple and pear greeted me as I poured this Belgian Ale into a sculpted glass. A thick, tall, white head appeared. My first sip tarnished my impression with a sour and tart taste. I want to call the tasting off, but I forge on.

There is a gingery, creamy body to this beer, but the mild but acidic bite and after taste ruins it for me. I’m not a big fan of the overall grapefruit taste this beer offers. Cuvee Diabolique has a lot in common with a hefeweizen, which I do enjoy occasioanally, but doesn’t happen to be one of my favorites.

Light, for the most part, and pleasant, this beer has nothing going on to deserve the name, Diabolique. Might I suggest, Cuvee Dubious.

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