The Celebration lasts all year

July 26th, 2006 by Andy

A few years ago, around the Holidays, I picked up a case of Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale. I enjoyed that year’s brew throughout most of the year. Then I picked up another case the following year. And then again and again, until it became a yearly tradition or as I like think “a yearly Celebration.” This is a beer of magnanimous proportions requiring a subtle aging so as to bring out its highest qualities of spicy hoppiness.

For instance, the 2005 batch pours with an elegant white head that ever so slowly dissipates producing light bubbles which last even longer. A deep amber hue in color and the pleasant smell of hops eagerly greets the privileged few that possess the patience to hold off drinking the whole lot during the holidays. Celebration’s taste has just the right amount of spices that permits this fine ale to be easily imbibed during warmer times as well as during the Holiday months. The finish has a restrained malt taste which is complemented by a slight spicy bitterness that leaves me anticipating the next sip.

Indeed, Sierra Nevada’s Celebration is cause for celebration and those epicureans who wait for this convivial beer to age have a festival of taste awaiting them!

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