I jump for Juniper!

May 30th, 2006 by Kevork

Rogue’s Juniper Pale Ale offers a delicious, dry, pleasant taste. This smooth, golden ale arrived in their well known 22oz bottles. That makes me happy, because I can’t get enough of their brews.

Juniper, besides sounding like something Bugs Bunny would say, is one component of gin. These berries come from a shrubbery and when I think of shrubbery I think of Monty Python’s Knights of Nee! That and a little researching describes how juniper berries have many diuretic qualities. The malts and hops used (Rogue always lists their ingredients including the variety of hops and malts) marry in a balanced fashion and reduce the aftertaste on the palate. There is a crispness in the finish that I would love to enjoy more often.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer as it was offered 2004/2005 as Yellow Snow Ale. I applaud the new label and name as a forward way to bring the drinkers attention to its ingredients.

My recommendation? Shout out NEEE!!! and enjoy this good beer of the shrubbery!!!!

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