Sierra- 27 years of epic beers

September 4th, 2007 by Andy

For 27 years the brewers of Sierra Nevada have produced some amazingly good beers. Topping the list is their monumental Celebration Ale, which ages like a fine wine (for a 10th of the price); what’s more, their aptly dubbed Anniversary Ale joins this grand list of epic beers with its pleasantly hoppy signature IPA bite complemented by a fine citrus and slight piney taste. Its hop nose with subtle malts and few bubbles producing a fine lacing invites the beer drinker to taste what is arguably the handiwork of poets. This beer has a wonderful hoppy backdrop that actually comes alive over time; indeed, drinking this beer at slightly colder than room temperature yields a wonderful drinking experience that leaves you searching for another bottle (after another) to imbibe.

The Anniversary Ale is a grand achievement for a fabulous assortment of beers produced by a team of brewers capable of epic feats. Brew on! I will drink and be merry!

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