Beat the heat with a Blackbeary Wheat

July 23rd, 2007 by Andy

There is absolutely nothing as satisfying as drinking a cold beer while barbecuing in the summer sun. Of course, that does make the assumption the beer you happen to be imbibing is worthy; thankfully for me, tonight’s libation was none other than the Long Trail’s Blackbeary Wheat. Without a doubt, this is a fine beer worthy of a beer snob.

The Blackbeary is a light ale (wow, only 4% ABV!) with a champaign nose that is ever so inviting, especially given its apple juice-like color without any lacing. It is quite bubbly and also imparts a cider nose (even though this is anything but a hard cider) to reveal is a wonderfully light pilsner taste with a delicate sweetness that provides an amazingly pleasant first impression that lasts the entire time. Let me be clear here: this beer is excellent. It’s too bad I only had one in my possession as I could have easily had 5 or 6 to go with tonight’s dinner!

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