Indeed, the Ephemere doesn’t last long

June 16th, 2007 by Andy

It seems the Unibroue brewery in Quebec, Canada just can’t brew a bad beer. In fact, from what we’ve tasted, these cats simply make phenomenal beer. Take for instance the Ephemere, which is a light ale brewed with apple juice. You read that right — apple beer, which as you already know, has impressed this snob before.

Indeed, while the last tasting was a Belgian showing, this fine Canadian brew boasts a bubbly body, light in color, with no lacing present and a floral nose of Granny Smith apples complemented by a slight hoppiness. The taste is absolutely wonderful as it smoothly blends citrus-ness with subtle spice– this beer is so good you’ll end up drinking it before you can fully appreciate its refined, elegant taste. The finish is slightly tart, like that of a juicy apple and it leaves you ready to sip again.

The only disappointing aspect of this beer is that it didn’t last long enough for me to study it. Being light on ABV helps too as you can drink this fine ale as a dessert, but it isn’t too sweet to complement a dinner, snack, breakfast, lunch, you name it. This beer is excellent– just make sure you buy a few.

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