Dogfish Fort, Delaware’s Eloquent Answer to Belgium’s Sweetness…

October 26th, 2006 by Kevork and Stirling

The bouquet was distantly reminiscient of a Framboise Lambic. The color was gold-orange with an undeniable hint of red. The pureed raspberries had definitely found their final resting place. The first sip happily projected “THE FORT” into a category of its own. A true beer-drinker’s beer, which had no danger of losing its character or drinkability to the fruit flavor with which it was married. Don’t get me wrong, a good lambic is a good lambic. But the Fort!! It retained the strength and hoppy character of some of Dogfish’s other fine brews and expertly married it in a blissfull raspberry wedlock made in a wheat-filled heaven. There is perhaps only one thing missing from this beer… It is the typically overdone syrupy sweetness that is found in many “fusions” of fruit and liquid bread. Or, overt doses of flavor (PUMPKINS IN SAM ADAMS…) Fine effort and I must leave now if only to revisit the flavor, again and again…—Stirling Elmendorf—

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