Virginia is for beer lovers

March 3rd, 2006 by Andy

The Old Dominion is known for many things, from historical landmarks and beautiful beaches to fine wine and heritage; however, one thing Virginia should be known for is its excellent beer. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to taste the Old Dominion Brewery’s Oak Barrel Stout on tap, you’d proudly proclaim this beer as the nectar of the gods.

Simply put: this is a phenomenally good beer. Conditioned in real oak barrels, which previously were used in aging Virginia Gentleman Bourbon, this jet-black sweet stout pours with a huge tan head and gives off a wonderfully malty smell with hints of oak and vanilla. If this stout’s essence doesn’t give you goose bumps, the lightly burnt malty taste that also boasts hints of sweet vanilla and a woody oak will blow you away. You can also pick up delicate traces of bourbon and espresso as you sip upon this smoothly dry nectar.

If you are not a resident of Virginia when you have the opportunity to imbibe this worthy stout on tap, you’ll probably consider making the Old Dominion your permanent residence and the Old Dominion Brewery your permanent watering hole.

Special note: amazingly enough, the brewers at Old Dominion figured out a way to bottle the Oak Barrel Stout; therefore, if you can’t make it to the brew pub, you still have an opportunity to find this wonderful beer at your local beer super store.

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