Unibrow – no. Unibroue – yes.

February 15th, 2006 by Kevork

The cork and wire topped bottle of Ephemere from Unibroue might imply a heavy, strong brew, but this flavored ale is refreshing and light. I was pleased with aroma that met me after working out the stubborn cork. It was fresh strawberries and a mild floral essence. At 5.5% ‘bottle refermented’ Ephemere is golden-ruby in color. Ephemere, which has been available as an Apple flavored ale in the past is (as a 2005 offering) a wheat ale, flavored with black currant. Black Currant isn’t the sweetest berry on the bush, the flavor has the tartness of a blueberry and the sweetness of a blackberry. This is a great beer if a framboise is just is too much for you.

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