This pepper ain’t no doctor

March 6th, 2006 by Kevork

I love Rogue. Top notch beers in 22oz bottles. Rogue keeps it real; minimal but great ingredients. Rogue brews beers I can wrap my head and my hands around.

Chipotle Ale. That’s right. Ergo, the reference in the title to Dr. Pepper. Mmmm-hmmm, it’s because Rogue made a beer with freakin’ peppers.

I don’t know why I’m writing like an instruction manual translated into Japanese then back into English.

Guess what this beer smells like? Yup. Peppers. Smokey, chipotle peppers. It’s so subtle that if I wouldn’t have known about it, it would have taken a while for me to figure it out. This is something that should, by its description, make me gag. It doesn’t. This is an appealing beer. If you will grant me an indulgence, I think this is an intriguing beer. Although there is a ‘bite,’ it has more to do with a crisp, mildly tart taste. There is no traditional peppery ‘hotness’.

Oddly enough, after a few sips I feel flushed and ‘hot.’ Go figure. There were smoked peppers in my beer at some point.

I’ll write you a prescription for Rogue Chipotle Ale: take one and then howl at the moon, but don’t bother calling me in the morning. I sleep late.

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