The Slaapmustske is one heck of a brewsky

January 25th, 2007 by Andy

With a mysterious sobriquet like Slaapmustske, one expects a phenomenal beer with exotic tastes fit for only the most refined among beer snobs (even those living in Tennessee). Being of such esteemed position, I approached the brewsky, obviously not meant for the simple bourgeoisie and found myself unable to disagree. This fine beer poured with a huge white head that produced an elegantly spicy nose with an pleasurable hoppiness quite similar to a Belgian blonde– in fact, much like that of the Leffe (which, by the way, that cloudiness has lots of Vitamin B). Indeed, this brew’s aromatic nose was a guarantee that I was going to enjoy this brewsky. Its color was a quite cloudy dark blonde hue and its taste was peppery, yet not too harsh, much like a fine potpourri. It had a refined spiciness to it that was complemented by hoppy overtones with a slight taste decribed maybe as grassy. As I stroked my goatee whilst imbibing this fine Slaapmustske, I found myself enjoying this drinking jubilee and am left to decree: the Slaapmustske is one heck of a brewsky!

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