Terrible only in name

April 10th, 2007 by Kevork

I noticed it said 2004 on metal wire cover over the cork (yes I said cork) and when I popped said cork I was met by one of the most enchanting and inexplicable aromas. Pouring this murky elixir in my Unibroue: La Fin Du Monde glass the bottle chortled and belched a Blug, blug, blug like the laugh of an evil troll.

The first smell was like a freshly sliced Red Apple. I was suprised, but the beer has the tart and ever so slightly acidic bite not unlike hard cider. This dark ale on lees is 10.5%

Thanks to Wiki some light was shed on exactly what lees is. US winemakers use the term mud. Lees refers to deposits of dead yeast or residual yeast and other particles that precipitate, or are carried by the action of “fining”, to the bottom of a vat of wine after fermentation and aging. “The detritus of fermentation, consisting of dead yeast and fruit debris.”

Although this is a dark beer, and a strong beer, it’s not overwhelming.

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