Praise are in order for Smuttynose Porter

August 22nd, 2006 by Kevork

Smuttynose Robust Porter didn’t take me by storm when I saw it on tap. I half reluctantly (I say half because how could I be reluctact to try a new beer?!?!?!) asked for it at a multi-tapped pool hall I drop by from time to time.

The first sip sent my head spinning. It was a waterfall of delicious smokiness with chocolate undertones. The porter blew me away. I must admit that I underestimated this killer beer from New England. I’m partial to stouts and didn’t believe that a porter could deliver such full bodied complexity. Its chickory aroma blends perfectly with its sweet smoky taste. The flavor is like a delicious dark chocolate with a caramel aftertaste.

My excitement grows to try more Smuttynose.

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