Nugget Nectar defector

February 17th, 2006 by Andy

I love hoppy beers. I’ve had some pretty good beers from the team at The Tröegs Brewery too. So naturally, I bought a 6 pack of Tröegs highly anticipated Nugget Nectar today. But Tröegs Nugget Nectar tastes like mango juice. Bad mango juice at that.

Coming in at a hefty “93ish” I.B.U’s, this Imperial Amber beer definitely has a hoppy kick to it; however, it doesn’t work well. The taste is aggressive, but in a medicine-like way- I found myself getting a headache as I sipped it. The finish is harsh as well.

In fact, I didn’t finish it. I am a Nugget Nectar defector and will taper myself the next time I see something interesting from this brewery.

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