Forget chocolate and peanut butter

March 8th, 2006 by Kevork

I have another combination of which I’m a big fan (Mom you should be proud, I almost ended that sentence in a prepositional phrase). Rogue Chocolate Stout is a wonderfully black stout with a big brown head and a phenomenal cocoa aroma. I love bittersweet chocolate and this is the closest thing I’ve found to a bite of 70% cocoa chocolate and a sip of espresso (pretty much my breakfast every morning).

The taste is a waxy chocolate, similar to the way a chocolate scratch ‘n sniff sticker smells. My neighbor Emelia nailed it. Tootsie roll, but that’s just a note of the aftertaste. This beer would be just as good room temperature, a bold statement if I do say so myself. This gloriously, “Hedonistic” Stout, as Rogue describes it, has a malty, chocolatey goodness that pleases me to no end.

The only way I could further this experience was to go searching through my humidors for a PG No. 5, a short Dominican cigar with a bouquet of rich, pleasant flavors.

Rogue, you crazy brewers, you’ve topped yourselves. Bravo. Count Chocula would be proud.

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