Expose the Smuttynose

February 28th, 2006 by Andy

I picked up the ominous sounding Smuttynose Brewing Company’s Shoals Pale Ale thinking that with a name like theirs they had to have good beer. This dark copper colored ale poured with a nice medium head which gave off a pleasant hoppy smell with hints of malts. On first taste, I was pleasantly surprised by its light smoothness which proved to be refreshing; however, I found myself quickly wondering where the rest of the taste was.

Like a batter with an impressive swing who never manages to hit the ball, this beer didn’t follow through. After my first sip with its initially refreshing taste, I eagerly took another expecting something (like a pleasant bitter Pale Ale taste) that wasn’t ever delivered. This second attempt left me wondering why I was still drinking this uninteresting beer.

This beer has won awards before; however, tonight it struck out after the third sip. I hope their other beers have better batting averages.

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