Exercise restraint with the Saint

October 4th, 2006 by Andy

On a recent trip down to Houston I had the pleasure of trying, what turned out to be, a phenomenal beer. I had never even heard of the Saint Arnold Brewing company when I decided to try their Amber Ale; however, within one sip I was comfortable these brewers were masters at the fine art of producing beers worthy of highbrowed beer drinkers.

Their Ale was obviously an amber color with a light head and few bubbles that gave off a complex malty aroma that was easily complemented by the wonderfully crisp malt taste with a slight hoppy backdrop. The finish was wonderful with a subtle spiciness. This is a fabulous beer– I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this refreshing ale as I sat eating Texas Barbeque even though it was 100+ degrees outside.

The Saint Arnold brewery has produced a winner with their Amber Ale– the next time I find myself in Houston, I plan to drink as many as I can.

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