Devout to Sierra Nevada Stout

December 24th, 2006 by Kevork

Tis Christmas Eve and I am beaming,
cherubs singing, bells a-ringing.
Nick at did me a solid
Found me this stout; apostolic.

See, the distributor here in Virginia
stopped carrying this beer. Why, I wonder?
It’s taste is robust, like nuts a-roasted
Smothered in chocolate tones; I boast it.

How he got it, although I wonder,
that it’s here, my pirate plunder
is all I care for, mind the effort,
A truckload or two is what I care for.

So here I sit after months of waiting
west to east this beer was coming.
My stout is here, Christmas is merry
Until I run out, that time I’m weary.

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