Command the Highland

May 11th, 2006 by Andy

On a recent trip to the beautiful Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, I had the pleasure of trying the Highland Brewing Company’s Tasgall Ale. This is no ordinary Ale, however! This dark porterish colored ale poured from the tap with a deep sandy head that lasted the entire drinking experience. The smell of malts was immediately noticeable and was followed by a deep earthy taste of lightly toasted malts. There was an ever so slight peppery taste that subtly let you know this was a strong beer (in fact, 8% ABV); however, it was pleasant, unlike the experience of a similar Scottish style ale, Skullsplitter. The finish was agreeably clean and it seemed that over time the hints of smokiness enhanced.

This is a unique beer that has me excited to taste others from this company. If a normal hoppy ale is what you’re looking for, you’ll probably want to pass the Tasgall by; however, if you like dark, earthy beers, then demand the Highland

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